Just Jake Cast List – Release Date, OTT, Trailer, Budget

Just Jake Cast List – Release Date, OTT, Trailer, Budget – Just Jake is UP TV’s new romantic drama film, Just Jake is all set to premiere on the channel on, May 21, 2023. The film tells the story of a country music star who is going through writer’s block and returns to his native place to find some inspiration. Things take a surprising turn when he meets his high school boyfriend there, after which he rediscovers his passion and love. Here are the official details of the film according to UP TV:

Just Jake Cast List
Just Jake Cast List

Just Jake Cast List – Release Date, OTT, Trailer, Budget

American romance film Just Jake was released in 2023. The primary cast of Just Jake (2023) consists of Brittany Bristow, Rob Mayes, and Gigi Orsillo. Just Jake premieres on UPtv on May 21 at 7/6c and streams for the first time at 7 pm on UP Faith & Family. Rob Mayes, the protagonist of the movie, is a real-life country music performer and actor who contributed to the soundtrack.

Movie Name Just Jake
Director Brandon Clark
Producer Darin Chavez, Patrick Hackett
Writers Taylor Bird, Jaimie Engle
Cinematography By Jeffrey R. Clark
  • Taylor Bird
  • Jaimie Engle
Main Stars
  • Brittany Bristow
  • Rob Mayes
  • Gigi Orsillo
Production Company
  •  Neon Sheep Pictures
  • True Brand Entertainment
  • Access Media Group
Genre Romance
Language English
Country United States
Release Date 21 May 2023
Network Uptv
Runtime 1 Hour 30 Minutes
  • Brittany Bristow As Amber Gibson
  • Rob Mayes As Jake
  • Gigi Orsillo As June Phillips-Gibson
  • Brandon Clark As Marvin
  • Walter Anaruk As Ted
  • Kathleen McCall As Darlene
  • Keir Kirkegaard As Tommy Mitchell
  • John C. Ashton As Gerald Gibson
  • Andi Davis As Nora
  • Jemario Patterson As Spencer
  • Mason Risser As Mason
  • Bryce Menchaca As Joaquin

Just Jake Movie Storyline

A rising country star returns home to overcome his writer’s inhibition. He also reunites high school girlfriends. Together they rekindle love and find that the best music is the one you make together.

Just Jake Trailer Breakdown

In the movie, Jake is a well-known country musician who receives hero treatment in his hometown. Amber instructs the guitar. The coffee shop Amber owns is. The events of the story took place when Jake and Amber had been dating since their senior year of high school. Jake’s primary dream is to become a singer, though. In order to pursue his goals of moving to a large country and being well-known, he completely breaks up with his fiancée.

Where was just Jake filmed?

  • Just Jake was filmed at various locations. The Movie Is Mainly Filmed in Colorado.
  • The major part of the film was filmed in a coffee shop called Coff33.
  • Locations to film Just Jake include Valor High School, Novo Barbers, Plum Creek Crutch, Bars, and hotels in Colorado, USA.

FAQ: Just Jake Cast List

What is the overall Cast Of the Movie?

Ans: Overall Overview of the Movie Is given below

  • Movie: Just Jake (2023)
  • Network: Uptv
  • Director: Brandon Clark
  • Writers: Taylor Bird, Jaimie Engle
  • Main Stars: Brittany Bristow, Rob Mayes, Gigi Orsillo
  • Genre: Romance
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: 21 April 2023 (Uptv)
  • Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
  • Also Known As Just Jake, Just Jake UPtv, Just Jake (2023)
Who plays Joaquin in just Jake?

Ans; Bryce Menchaca Plays the role of Joaquin In the Movie.

Where is just Jake filmed?

Ans: The movie was directed by Brandon Clark and it was shot in Colorado Springs, Colo.


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