Freaky Friday 2 Movie Cast List 2025: Release Date, OTT, Plot

Freaky Friday 2 Movie Cast List 2025: Release Date, OTT, Plot – Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis are finally back together on set. Disney released the first-ever behind-the-scenes look at the production of “Freaky Friday 2.” Freaky Friday 2 is now being officially filmed. Lohan and Curtis are going back to play Tess Coleman and Anna, respectively.

Disney has yet to announce plot details for the follow-up to the 2003 comedy favourite. The Walt Disney studio has now confirmed that “Freaky Friday 2” will open in movie theatres in 2025. Rumours that the sequel could be exclusively for Disney+ are not true.

Freaky Friday 2 Movie Cast List
Freaky Friday 2 Movie Cast List

Freaky Friday 2 Movie Cast List 2025: Release Date, OTT, Plot

Freaky Friday 2 is currently being filmed and scheduled to release in 2025, but the dubbing cast has not yet been announced in Hindi. However, we can tell you the main English-language cast:

  • Jamie Lee Curtis is returning as Tess Coleman.
  • Lindsay Lohan is returning as Anna Coleman.
Movie Name Freaky Friday 2
Director Nisha Ganatra
Writer Jordan Weiss
  • Kristin Burr
  • Andrew Gunn
Executive Producer
  • Nathan Kelly
  • Ann Marie Sanderlin
Movie Cast List
Production Company Walt Disney Pictures
Running time
97 minutes
Country United States
Language English
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What is the Freaky Friday 2 Movie Release Date?

Walt Disney Studios announced filming for the sequel. Walt Disney also confirmed that the film will be released in 2025. However, the official release date of Freaky Friday 2 Movie has not been announced yet. According to reports the film will be released exclusively in theatres. Previous reports said that it would be a Disney+ Original.

What is the Story of Freaky Friday 2 Movie?

A sequel to the much-loved 2003 film, which has a multi-generational twist. The film is set years after Tess and Anna went through an identity crisis. Anna now has a daughter of her own and will soon have a stepdaughter too. When they face the myriad challenges that come after the merger of the two families. Tess and Anna discover that lightning can fall twice.

When did Freaky Friday 2 start filming?

On June 24, Walt Disney Studios confirmed that filming for the sequel is still underway. Walt Disney shared a photo of Curtis and Lohan on set. The actresses appeared to be sitting in front of each other’s trailers. They held hands and striking poses reminiscent of their “changed” roles in the first film. Lohan poses with a mature smile. Curtis poses with a rock out.

Where can Freaky Friday 2 stream?

The 2003 film Freaky Friday was distributed by Walt Disney. If Walt Disney are behind the production of a sequel the film will likely be available to stream on Disney+. However, with Lindsay and Jamie Lee starring in the film, it will likely premiere in theatres first.

FAQs: Freaky Friday 2 Movie Cast List

Ques. Who is the director of Freaky Friday 2′?

Ans. The film Freaky Friday 2 will be directed by Nisha Ganatra.

Ques. Is Freaky Friday 2 confirmed?

Ans. The second film, titled Freaky Friday 2, will be released globally on Disney+ in 2025

Ques. What genre is Freaky Friday 2?

Ans. The main genres of Freaky Friday 2 are Comedy, Family & Fantasy

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