Danger In The Dorm Movie Star Cast List 2024: OTT, Plot

Danger In The Dorm Movie Star Cast List 2024: OTT, Plot – Premiering on Lifetime on June 16, 2024, Danger in the Dorm is a thriller that delves deeper into a creepy tale of campus crime. Inspired by one of Ann Rule’s earliest true crime masterpieces the film focuses on the life of Kathleen. Portrayed by Clara Alexandrova as she deals with the horrific death of Becky, her best friend from childhood.

‘Danger in the Dorm‘ revolves around a gruesome murder that takes place within the safe confines of the college campus. Directed by Robin Hayes, the film revolves around an intense and gripping attempt to catch a ruthless killer who preyed on young girls around campus.

Danger In The Dorm Movie Star Cast List
Danger In The Dorm Movie Star Cast List

Danger In The Dorm Movie Star Cast List 2024: OTT, Plot

Movie Name Danger In The Dorm
Director Robin Hays
Writer Benjamin Anderson
Executive Producer
  • Conor Allyn
  • Benjamin Anderson
  • Howard Braunstein
  • Ilene Kahn Power
Composer Chris Ainscough
Editor Chino Saavedra
Post Category Movie Cast List
Production Company Lifetime Films
Release date June 16, 2024 (United States)
Country of origin United States
Language English
Filming locations Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
Runtime 1h 30 min
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Danger in the Dorm Star Cast List

Danger in the Dorm” is a crime thriller film that revolves around Kathleen, who must catch a killer preying on young girls around campus after the murder of her childhood best friend. Here we have the star cast list of the movie Danger in the Dorm. The star cast of “Danger in the Dorm” includes:

  • Jason Fernandes as Wade Mullins
  • Lily Yawson as Detective Jessica Harken
  • Matthew Nelson-Mahood as Patrick
  • Bethenny Frankel as Joanne
  • Clara Alexandrova as Kathleen
  • Jeffrey Pai as Conor Miller
  • Richard Keats as Drew Radio DJ
  • Sarah Kelley as Carol Swafford

What is the Danger in the Dorm Release Date?

Danger in the Dorm premieres on Sunday, 16 June 2024 on Lifetime. For those who prefer streaming, it will be available to stream on the Lifetime app the next day. This highly anticipated film marks Bethenny Frankel’s return to acting with her first leading role in a TV movie.

FAQs: Danger In The Dorm Movie Star Cast List 2024

Ques. Who is the director of Danger In The Dorm Movie?

Ans. Robin Hays is the director of Danger In The Dorm Movie.

Ques. What is the genre of the Danger In The Dorm?

Ans. Danger in the Dorm is expected to be a suspense thriller focused on mystery and danger.

Ques. Is Lifetime Channel free?

Ans. Watching Lifetime channels is not completely free. It is included in many TV packages of cable and satellite

Ques. Will there be any romance in Danger In The Dorm?

Ans. The main focus seems to be on Kathleen’s quest for justice, so romance can be a subplot or non-existent.

Ques. Is Danger In The Dorm based on a true story?

Ans. The Danger In The Dorm is inspired by the works of true-crime writer Ann Rule, but it is likely a fictional tale

Ques. Can I stream Danger in the Dorm on Netflix?

Ans. At the moment, Danger in the Dorm is not available on Netflix.


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