The Bikeriders Movie Star Cast List 2024: Release Date, OTT

The Bikeriders Movie Star Cast List 2024: Release Date, OTT – Jeff Nichols will eventually return to the world of cinema with his latest film, The Bikeriders. The main stars in The Bikeriders movie are Austin Butler, Jodie Comer, Tom Hardy and Michael Shannon. The first trailer of the film was released in March. It gives fans the first glimpse of the cast in action. Hardee’s Johnny started the footage by organizing a riding club and naming it the Vandals.

The Bikeriders Movie Star Cast List
The Bikeriders Movie Star Cast List

The Bikeriders Movie Star Cast List 2024: Release Date, OTT

Movie Name The Bikeriders
Director Jeff Nichols
Writer Jeff Nichols
  • Sarah Green
  • Brian Kavanaugh-Jones
  • Arnon Milchan
Cinematography Adam Stone
Edited by Julie Monroe
Music by David Wingo
  • Jodie Comer
  • Austin Butler
  • Tom Hardy
  • Michael Shannon
  • Mike Faist
  • Norman Reedus
Production Companies
  • Regency Enterprises
  • New Regency
  • Tri-State Pictures
Distributed by
  • Focus Features¬†(United States)
  • Universal Pictures (International)
Genre Crime & Drama
Post Category Movie Cast List
Release dates 21 June 2024
Running time
116 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $40 million
Filming Locations Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Post Published By

The Bikeriders Movie Star Cast List

Actor & Actress Name Actor & Actress Role
Jodie Comer Kathy
Austin Butler Benny
Tom Hardy Johnny
Michael Shannon Zipco
Mike Faist Danny
Boyd Holbrook Cal
Norman Reedus Funny Sonny
Damon Herriman Brucie
Beau Knapp Wahoo
Emory Cohen Cockroach
Karl Glusman Corky
Toby Wallace The Kid
Happy Anderson Big Jack
Paul Sparks Gary Rogue Leader
Will Oldham Bartender
Nathan Neorr Goodpaster
Mierka Girten The Kid’s Mother
Paul Dillon The Kid’s Father
Valerie Jane Parker Dingy
Tony Donno Paulie
Mike Endoso Henry
Rachel Lee Kolis Betty
Phuong Kubacki Gail
Erin Scerbak Big Barbara
Andrew Riley Stephens Benny’s Cousin
Forba Shepherd Alice
David Myers Gregory Frank
Ryan Wesley Gilreath Bikerider
Michael Abbott Jr. David
Jim Freivogel Columbus Member
Maggie Cramer Donna
Sara Mackie Laundromat Lady #1
Johanna McGinley Laundromat Lady #2
Steve Marvel Motorist
Nicholas Hargous Vandal
Radek Lord Gary Rogue Member
Alex Haydon Young Vandal
Jerry Mullins MC member
Jordan Mullins Vandal
Becca Howell Dancing Drunk Girl
William Cross Green Duck Bar Patron
Kagga Jayson Jack
Jamie Mitchell Construction Team Member 1
Curtis Murphy Renegade
Brad Nayman New Vandal
Chandler Pope School Kid
Brian D. Schroeder Vandal
Anna Sheridan Rita
Steven Terry Walker Neighbour
Brian Anderson Biker
Michael T. Davis Racer
Laura Dejean General Rally Attendee
Al Harland Police Officer
Richard Ingle Rally Attendee
Anita S Martin Biker Girlfriend
Jenny McManus Car Show Attendee
Todd O’Reilly Bar Owner Stoplight
Karen Olchovy General Rally Attendee
David Pittinger Happy Family Dad
Jim Waldfogle Day Drinker

What is The Bikeriders Movie Release Date?

Focus Features announced that The Bikeriders will be released on 21 June 2024.¬† It is six months later than its original release date. The film will begin with an adaptation of It Ends With Us, starring Justin Baldoni’s Blake Lively. 20th Century Studios previously scheduled The Bikeriders to release on 1 December 2023. However, the film was delayed as Disney and 20th Century Studios withdrew the film from their release schedules. In November 2023, it was reported that Disney and 20th Century Studios would drop the film. While New Regency is selling the film to other studios and streamers.

The Bikeriders Movie Trailer

What Is The Story Of The Bikeriders Movie?

Bikeriders depicts America’s rebellious times when culture and people were changing. After a chance meeting at a local bar, the strong-willed Kathy is attracted to Benny. Benny is the newest member of the mysterious Johnny-led Vandals, a motorcycle club based in the Midwest. Like the country around it, the club begins to grow. It is transformed from a gathering place to a dangerous underworld of violence for local outsiders. It forces Benny to choose between his loyalty to Cathy and the club.

Where Is The Bikeriders Movie Streaming?

You can watch The Bikeriders Movie in theaters. There are many options for showtimes. After “The Bikeriders” opens in theatres, fans can expect it to be accessible for streaming on Apple TV. A digital release is anticipated for July 2024. It depends on its success

FAQs: The Bikeriders Movie Star Cast List

Ques. Who is the producer Of The Bikeriders Movie?

Ans. Arnon Milchan, Sarah Green, and Brian Kavanaugh-Jones are the producers of The Bikeriders Movie

Ques. When will The Bikerider Movie Be Released?

Ans. The Bikerider Movie Will Be Released On 21 June 2024.

Ques. What Is The Budget Of The Bikerider Movie?

Ans. The Budget Of The Bikerider Movie is around 40 million

Ques. Who is the cinematographer for The Bikeriders Movie?

Ans. Adam Stone is the cinematographer for The Bikeriders Movie.

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