Confidential Informant Cast List 2023: Release Date, Actors

Confidential Informant Cast List – Release Date, Review, Budget – Directed by Michael Oblowitz and starring Mel Gibson, Kate Bosworth, and Dominic Purcell, Confidential Information is an exciting crime film that will premiere on June 29, 2023. The story is about a cancer-stricken police detective who makes a risky compromise with an informer, plotting his death in the line of duty. This entertaining film highlights the sacrifices people make for their loved ones.

With talented actors, the film explores the complex world of law enforcement, personal struggles with illness, and the complex dynamics between spies and informers. It presents a thought-provoking exploration of human sacrifices and the challenges faced in the pursuit of justice.

Confidential Informant Cast List
Confidential Informant Cast List

Confidential Informant Cast List – Release Date, Review, Budget

Movie Name Confidential Informant
Director Michael Oblowitz
Writer Michael Kaycheck, Brooke Nasser
Main Cast
  • Mel Gibson
  • Kate Bosworth
  • Nick Stahl
  • Dominic Purcell
  • Sean Patrick O’Reilly
  • Michael Oblowitz
  • Daniel Cummings
Production companies
  • BondIt Media Capital
  • Buffalo 8 Productions
  • Grindstone Entertainment Group
Genre Thriller
Release Date June 29, 2023
Country United States
Language English
Filming locations
Las Cruces
Runtime 1 hr 42 min

Confidential Informant Movie All Actors

Here Is The Full Cast Of The Confidential Informant Movie. THe Actor & Actress List Of The Confidential Informant Movie Is Given Below:

  • Mel Gibson as Kevin Hickey
  • Kate Bosworth as Anna Moran
  • Nick Stahl as Mike Thorton
  • Dominic Purcell as Tom Moran
  • Arielle Raycene as Ginger
  • Erik Valdez as Carlos
  • Russell Richardson as William Learner
  • Jon Lindstrom as Joe Mangano
  • John Cassini as Frank
  • Camila Savia as Maria
  • Manny Hernández as Renaldo
  • Shaquan Lewis as Jimmy O
  • Dianna Camacho as Detective Silvia Cruz
  • Michael Kaycheck as Kurt Harnisher
  • Andrea Abreu as Marisol
  • Saúl Osorio Camargo as Teen #1
  • Gabriel Vill as Cotto
  • Maegan Spicer as Flacca

Confidential Informant Release Date

Mel Gibson and Kate Bosworth’s upcoming thriller film Confidential Information is all set to entertain the audience and is scheduled to release worldwide on June 30, 2023.

Confidential Informant Movie Trailer

The trailer began with a flashback of American soldiers taking part in an unknown Middle Eastern conflict, and Kevin Hickey, played by Gibson, said that ‘these people risk their lives every day.’ We sleep well because they deal with ugly things. ‘ Mike Thornton, played by Stahl, then told his close friend Tom Moran, played by Purcell, that he had been hit by a bullet, and Hickey said that ‘one thing is certain.’ You don’t come out like you went in.

Confidential Informant Movie Story

The story of Confidential Informant begins when Kevin Hickey describes the amusing journey of two narcotics agents when they track down a police killer amid a widespread pandemic. In search of important information, Moran and Thornton deal with an informant who is struggling with addiction. However, Moran’s desperate antics to support his family leave the informant embroiled in a dangerous plan. As their partnership attracts the attention of an investigative internal affairs agent, suspicion grows and tensions rise, eventually culminating in an exciting and explosive climax.

FAQs: Confidential Informant Cast List

Ques. What is the age rating of the Confidential Informant?

Ans. The Confidential Informant is given an R rating

Ques. Can teens see Confidential Informants?

Ans. No, teens can’t see Confidential Information

Ques. Why is the Confidential Informant given R status?

Ans. The Confidential Informant is given an R rating for whole language, drug use, some violence, and graphic nudity.

Ques. When and where can I view Confidential Information?

Ans. Confidential Information is scheduled to be released on June 30, 2023. You can see the confidential information on Lionsgate.

Ques. Who is the director of the film Confidential Information?

Ans. The film is directed by Michael Oblowitz.

Ques. Who is the author of the film Confidential Information?

Ans. The film is written by Michael Oblowitz, Michael Ketchek, and Brooke Nassar.

Ques. Who is the producer of the film Confidential Information?

Ans. The film is produced by Bandit Media Capital, Buffalo 8 Productions, and Grindstone Entertainment Group.


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